Dukale’s Dream (2015)

Dukale's Dream (2015)

Hugh Jackman (X-MEN’s “Wolverine”) flies to Ethiopia as part of World Vision’s initiative to bring attention to their success in raising people out of poverty. Hugh spends an entire day in the fields with a coffee grower named Dukale who is working hard to lift his family out of poverty. Spending time on Dukale’s farm, Hugh learned first-hand about the value of fair trade coffee. Upon returning to New York, Hugh was invited to speak at UN Climate Week where he made an impassioned plea to world leaders to provide support for farmers like Dukale, noting something as simple as a cup of coffee had the power to reduce global poverty. Hugh was so inspired by Dukale, he launched Laughing Man Coffee, trading directly with the growers and donating 100% of the profit to support community development programs and social entrepreneurs around the world.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Josh Rothstein

Producer: Jesse Scolaro, Julie Christeas, Schuyler Weiss


Cast: Hugh Jackman, Deborra -Lee Furness, Tim Costello, Jeffery D. Sachs, Dukale, Adanesh, Assefa Tofu, Takele Mammo