Dylan & Zoey (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

In Los Angeles for one more night, off the heels of a godforsaken bachelorette party, Zoey, a woman at a crossroads in her life, decides to take a chance and reach out to her estranged best friend, Dylan. Caught off guard, Dylan hesitates but ultimately accepts her proposal to meet up at a podcast he’s about to be interviewed on. From there, they embark on what will become the turning point of their lives. When the evening begins, they find comfort in picking back up where they left off. They tease, they laugh, but they know there is still the unspoken left between them. As the night progresses, they realize that in order to heal, they’ll need to reveal the secrets they’re keeping from each other. But to what extent are they able to open up after being closed off for so long? How does one connect when trauma has disconnected them from everything? The answers to these questions and more are what they must determine with only hours to spare.

Genre: Drama, Independent, Romance

Director: Matt Sauter

Producer: Blake Scott Lewis, Julie Bersani, Claudia Doumit

Writer: Matt Sauter, Blake Scott Lewis

Cast: Claudia Doumit, Blake Scott Lewis, Kamahl Naiqui, Malcolm Barrett, Kim Hamilton, Bella Popa, Liza Fernandez, Xochitl Romero