Famous (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Interracial brothers in the music business are opposites in life, love, and sobriety. Music artist Famous struggles with addiction while his seemingly perfect stepbrother and producer, Plain Wayne, is adored by the media for being his savior. Away from the cameras, it may be Plain Wayne who has been orchestrating Famous’s relapses, wanting to keep Famous under his control. As Famous gets a new chance at life and love, he begins to see the truth about his brother. Featuring the music of Friyie and the Supremes. Set in New York.

Genre: Drama

Director: Martha McGrath

Producer: Martha McGrath, Brendan Jeffers, Brian Bisson, Friyie, Glenn Morley

Writer: Martha McGrath

Cast: Brendan Jeffers, Brian Bisson, Ric Reid, Aisha Evelyna, Peter Nelson