Fasting: The Healer Within (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Cut down in his prime, Sinclair tried everything to heal his body, none of which worked. That is until he discovered fasting. Joined by his brother Saxon, the brothers set off to complete a 40-day fast in the mountains NSW, Australia.

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Sports

Director: Saxon Fischer-Gray, Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Producer: Saxon Fischer-Gray, Sinclair Fischer-Gray, Lindsay Friedman, Tyler Tolman, Caroline Desmarais

Writer: Saxon Fischer-Gray, Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Cast: Sinclair Fischer-Gray, Saxon Fischer-Gray, Joe Cross, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Tyler Tolman, Kate Holm, Michael Adamedes, Storm Thomas, Sarah Gray, Manfred Fischer, Dr. Robert Morse, Gunham, Chef Cynthia Louise, Danner Gardner, Denzel the dog