Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 (2015)

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 (2015)

In 2010, Joe Cross took viewers on his journey from overweight and sick to healthy and fit via a 60-day juice fast in the award-winning Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. And now he’s back with Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, where Joe examines how to make healthy habits last for the long-term, and how lifestyle choices impact overall health. Throughout this story, Joe meets with experts who present realistic solutions and viable strategies to make and maintain long-term sustainable improvements to eating behaviors and overall health.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Kurt Engfehr

Producer: Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr, Jamin Mendelsohn, Sean Frechette


Cast: Joe Cross, Russ Kennedy, Sheila Kar, Dean Ornish, Phil Staples, Brian Wansink