Feeding Tomorrow (2024)

Zimbelism (2017)

We all have the power to make positive changes in the world, and food is at the center of that change. Feeding Tomorrow tells an interconnected story of how food interacts with and transforms every part of our lives. Our lens focuses on a dynamic group of innovators across agriculture, healthcare, and education as they work to transform our broken food system. We follow Thabiti Brown, Head of School at Codman Academy, Lisa Mcdowell, Director of Nutrition at St Joseph Mercy Hospitals, and Mark Shepard, Founder & Farmer of New Forest Farm to uncover the biggest challenges and the real solutions we face in agriculture, healthcare, and education.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Oliver English, Simon English

Producer: Oliver English, Simon English, Jamer Bellis, Ethan Hethcote, Rebecca Walter


Cast: Mark Shepard, Lisa McDowell, Thabiti Brown