Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection (2018)

Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection (2018)

There a was a time when the world used to be a much smaller place. Not long ago, one of the only ways to get a glimpse into the culture, people, art, geography, history, music, and literature of lands that exceeded your own border, was to receive a piece of mail. Receiving a stamped letter would ignite one’s imagination and postage stamps quickly vaulted into the spotlight becoming the stars of the world’s most popular hobby, as well as a cultural phenomenon for roughly 150 years. ‘Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection, ’ follows a group of collectors that at first glance, seem to have only one thing in common, the love of stamp collecting. A closer look though, reveals a slew of familiar traits that connects them to one another and uncovers the all-consuming influence that the hobby has had in defining many aspects of their lives. As we weave through their stories, we see collecting as a catalyst for friendship and community in a world where modern shifts in work/life dynamics, family structure, digital media, and other factors threaten the relevance of all hobbies.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Mark Cwiakala

Producer: Jonathan Singer, Mark Cwiakala, Charles Cwiakala, Teresa Cwiakala, Stanislawa Zak


Cast: Irwin Weinberg, Neil Steinberg, Douglas Weisz, Jim Forte, Cheryl Ganz, Ian Gibson-Smith, George Holschauer, William H. Gross, Donald Sundman, Charles Shreve, David Redden, Stuart Weitzman