Funny Face (2021)


Origin Story. A young Muslim woman runs away from her aunt and uncle’s house desperate for a new life, but quickly finds that she must survive on the street. A disturbed young man from Coney Island dons the menacing “Funny Face” mask, transforming himself into a makeshift superhero with a rage disorder as he seeks revenge on the Real Estate Developer of a soulless high rise that has displaced his grandparents. Misfit avengers in a changing city, the two embark on a neighborhood odyssey that brings danger, love, and tragedy. And pickles.


GENRE: Thriller
DIRECTOR: Tim Sutton
PRODUCER Madeleine Askwith, Alexandra Byer, Andrew Morrison, Mark Lampert, Oscar S. Schafer, Tim Sutton, Andres Figueredo, Juan Carlos Figueredo
CAST: Cosmo Jarvis, Jonny Lee Miller, Dela Meskienyar, Victor Garber, Jeremy Bobb, Dan Hedaya, Rhea Perlman

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