Fuzzy Head (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Insomnia Ridden Marla, is on the run and losing her mind. She will run as far as she can after the murder of her mother. As shame and crooked characters close in, Marla will eventually be pushed into facing her everlasting void. With the choice in Marla’s hands, she will have to confront her past to find out the truth of what really happened, will she be able to forgive herself and choose the truth? Marla must undo all that’s been done to be free from the darkness that consumes her.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Wendy McColm

Producer: Wendy McColm, Cooper Oznowicz, Rhianon Jones, Frank Oz, Santiago Cervantes, Celina Biurrun

Writer: Wendy McColm

Cast: Alicia Witt, Wendy McColm, Jonathan Tolliver, Numa Perrier, Fred Melamed, Cassidy Butler, Richard Riehle, Celina Biurrun and Rain Phoenix