Grizzly II (2020)

Thriller, Action

“In Yellowstone National Park, grizzlies and other wildlife roam free while the park is preparing for a major rock concert to be held in 3 days. Poachers are hunting for grizzlies and one of the poachers end up killing a cub and wounding its mother. The grizzly takes revenge killing hikers, a deputy ranger and the poacher who killed her cub.
The killing spree continues. The park superintendent, Eileene Draygon, refused to help and continues with the concert. Nick Hollister, chief of rangers, and Samantha Owens, Director of Bear Management, is desperately looking for help and finds
Bouchard, the bear specialist in Canada, to help locate the gigantic bear.
The concert goes on when the grizzly attacks the backstage area. Samantha, Bouchard, Nick and all his men are fighting the bear and eventually ends up lodged into the giant Phoenix bird which is part of the stage decoration and gets killed. Everyone cheers and applauds. Draygon acts as if the killing of the bear was part of the show.”


GENRE: Action, Thriller
DIRECTOR: André Szöts
PRODUCER Suzanne C. Nagy
CAST:  George Clooney, Laura Dern, Charlie Sheen, Louise Fletcher, John Rhys-Davies, Steve Inwood, Dick Anthony Williams, Deborah Raffin, Edward Meeks, Deborah Foreman, Nigel Dolman, Billy Boyle, Ian McNeice, Charles Cyphers, Mark Alaimo, Charles Young, Jack Starrett

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