Home With A View Of The Monster  (2020)


Needing a major life change in order to save their rocky marriage, a young couple (Dennis and Rita) decide to place their secluded lake house on a vacation rental app. When the couple returns home early, they find that their current tenant (Kate) has disappeared, leaving only their belongings as well as cryptic and increasingly eerie clues. Dennis and Rita have few clues as to where Kate could have gone. That is until Kate’s boyfriend (Chance) mysteriously shows up not only terrified of the events that he had experienced in the house, but with a warning of what is to unfold next. Joining together the haunted house genre with the world of vacation rentals, Home with a View of the Monster provides a gripping glimpse into the lives of individuals who are each as haunted as their surroundings. This genre blending, psychological thriller takes you on a wild ride, full of unsuspecting turns that all lead to the monster at the end.

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Alex Greenlee

Todd Greenlee

PRODUCERS: Alex Greenlee

Todd Greenlee

Emily Calhoun

Adam Greenlee

CAST: Ellen Humphreys

Sebastien Charmant

Jasper Hammer

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