I Met A Girl (2020)

I Met A Girl (2020)

Devon, an aspiring musician with schizophrenia, is dependent on his brother, Nick, to care for him. However, when Nick’s wife, Olivia, becomes pregnant, they arrange for Devon to move out. A dejected Devon contemplates jumping from a rooftop but falls… before waking up in the home of a mysterious girl, Lucy. They spend a magical day together and Devon falls deeply in love. Devon tells Nick about the girl who “saved” him but Nick suspects that Lucy is another delusion. Devon, desperate to prove his sanity, impulsively embarks on an epic journey to find her. He gets on national TV and has a breakdown on live television, seen by Nick and Olivia. Nick flies out to rescue his brother as a shattered Devon starts to suspect that maybe Lucy isn’t real and that she never saved him. But as Devon contemplates what he accomplished by traversing the country on his own, he starts to realise that the only person who can save him…is himself.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Luke Eve



Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Joel Jackson, Lily Sullivan, Zahra Newman, David Woods, Anni Finsterer, Peter Rowsthorn