I’m Not Gay a Musical (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

At 13, Misha turned his back on the two things he loved the most; dance and the gay male dance teacher who made him great. Blaming himself for seducing his teacher, he ran from the only life he knew to join an underworld MMA fight club. Dulling his pain with pills, fighting, and self-harm lands Misha in the hospital where he will be shut off from all medication if he doesn’t seek therapy. He agrees but is horrified to learn that his treatment will take place on Fire Island with an eclectic and eccentric psychiatrist. Out of options, he gives in. While being treated, Misha falls in love with the house of his dreams. He wants to buy it, but the buyer must be gay. To get the house, Misha will have to overcome his past trauma to convince his neighbors that he is one of them by helping them win the local dance competition, all while keeping everything secret from his teenage daughter and the head of the underground fight club back in the city.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent

Director: Scott L. Semer

Producer: Carrie Ormond, Scott L. Semer

Writer: Scott L. Semer

Cast: Howard Finster, Johnny Carson, Doug Richards, Susan Crawley, Christiane Amanpour, Thomas Scanlin, Janet Byington, Steve Penley, John Turner, Mike Mills, Amy Ray