In Bright Axiom (2020)


IN BRIGHT AXIOM weaves an intriguing cautionary tale set amid a world of urban mystery, replete with underground speakeasies, hidden arcades, and joyful rites of passage. As zealous community members delight in a newfound identity and way of life, the House of the Latitude is ultimately tested beyond its limits. Grave questions emerge as society members become entangled in the game-like experiments of the Society’s founders. From the minds who created the Jejune Institute, IN BRIGHT AXIOM explores the unforeseen consequences of a creative community that dared to wholeheartedly embrace the unknown.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Spencer S McCall
PRODUCERS: Geordie Aitken

Jeff Hull

Farouz Gipson

Wylie Herman

CAST: Geordie Aitken

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