Interface (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Shortly after returning home from college, Claire lost her father in a hit & run car accident which deteriorated her estranged mother’s health and sent her into a coma. Michelle is dying of kidney failure. She had only recently returned to her life to make peace with her in the little time she had left after abandoning her when she was tiny. Even though Michelle is dying, Claire struggles to forgive her because of her character flaw, which is that she holds grudges. While reluctantly visiting Michelle at the hospital, Claire comes across plans for a machine meant to bring people back from a coma, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The man inventing it sadly passed away before he could complete it. But Claire believes the Interface machine will work. She has had a series of visions for weeks triggered by quantum entanglement. Through these visions, Claire learns that one of her counterparts across the multiverse was able to get the Interface to work and use it to successfully go into Michelle’s mind and bring her back from a coma. Armed with this info, Claire decides to track down her doublegangers across the multiverse to find answers that will help her save her mother.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Director: Kemo Diatta

Producer: Kemo Diatta, Makenna Perkal, Yu Zhang, Whenqing Chen

Writer: Markiss McFadden

Cast: Michael Pare, Jackie Moore, Cayla Delaine Green, Kyle McLellan, Mark Justice, Brett Benowitz