Islanders (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Faced with a rapidly-changing music scene and an uncertain future, electro-pop duo FINKEL leave their home in Los Angeles and embark on a journey to the icy forests of Michigan’s famous Mackinac Island. Jane returns to her childhood home with her partner and bandmate Brian to revisit the people and places from her past. With its longstanding ban on automobiles and the daily onslaught of extreme winter weather, life for the few who live on the island year-round is not easy. They must embrace this unique lifestyle as they dive headfirst into the creative process once more. Their goal: write an album inspired by this extraordinary place. Navigating the joys and complexities of returning to a place frozen in the past, Jane and Brian immerse themselves in the sonic landscape of Mackinac and find inspiration for their new body of work.

Genre: Documentary, Comedy

Director: Craig Harmer, Joe Zook

Producer: Craig Harmer, Joe Zook, Anna Gustafson, Andrew van den Houten, Han Soto, Jane Spencer, Brian Spencer


Cast: Jane Spencer, Brian Spencer