Lee Fields: Faithful Man (2024)

Zimbelism (2017)

His voice has been compared to James Brown, but Lee Fields is no knock-off. He’s the real thing. Listening to the soul sounds coming through his transistor radio in the fifties and sixties, Lee was hooked. Through the seventies, he made his living as a singer touring alongside some of the greatest names in blues and soul history, including a stint with Kool and the Gang before their rise to fame. But, as the seventies came to a close, disco began its reign and Lee’s soul career plummeted. For decades, he thought his music dreams were dead. But with one phone call, everything changed…

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jessamyn Ansary, Joyce Mishaan

Producer: Jessamyn Ansary, Joyce Mishaan, Christopher Poindexter, Albert Mishaan, Jennifer Colyer


Cast: Lee Fields, Thomas Brenneck, Michael Buckley, Jason Colby, Joseph Crispiano, Freddy Deboe, Jay Brian Flatt, Dave Guy, Vincent John