Line Of Descent (2019)

Line Of Descent (2019)

‘Line of Descent’ follows a dysfunctional mafia family of three brothers as they fight over their fathers estate, while a cop (Abhay Deol) carries them to their tragic ending. Meanwhile, a boisterous arms dealer (Brendan Fraser) is thrust in the family war, though a mole in his criminal enterprise, and all worlds fuse into one.

Genre: Drama

Director: Rohit Karn Batra

Producer: Rohit Karn Batra, Guy J. Louthan


Cast: Brendan Fraser, Abhay Deol, Ronit Roy, Neeraj Kabi, Prem Chopra, Ali Haji, Max Beesley, Charlotte Poutrel, Shamata Anchan, Ekavali Khanna, Priyanka Sethia