Los Wild Ones (2016)

Los Wild Ones (2016)

LOS WILD ONES follows the lives of Irishman Reb Kennedy — “the most infuriating, difficult man you can’t help but love” — and the artists on his LA indie label, Wild Records. Wild is composed of young Hispanic musicians who write and perform ‘50s-style rock ‘n’ roll that insiders call a hybrid of rockabilly and punk rock. Raw and unfiltered, the film delivers an honest look at the label’s ethos and unconventional but tight-knit family of Reb, the father figure, and his ‘kids’. The bond between Reb and his artists is unparalleled in the music industry. Like any great rock ’n’ roll family, there’s plenty of dysfunction and yet they manage to stick together. Reb’s a genius in many ways and has no doubt created something huge. Though as a purist and vinyl fanatic, he is extremely reluctant to embrace the digital age. Reb must consider serious business changes if he is to take Wild Records and these uniquely talented artists to the next level.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Elise Salomon

Producer: Jessica Golden

Writer: Elise Salomon, Ryan Brown