Medicine of the Wolf  (2015)

Medicine of the Wolf (2015)

“To look into the eyes of the Wolf is to see your own soul” once proclaimed American Author and Scientist Aldo Leopold; In this beautiful and important documentary, filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of perhaps the most unjustly maligned animal on the face of the planet. Medicine of the Wolf focusses on these extraordinary sentient creatures and the remarkable, world-renowned National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has photographed and studied wolves for 45 years—longer than anyone in history. As our guide, Brandenburg enables us to see the world of the wolf as we have never seen it before. Documented with stunning cinematography of the Northern Minnesota landscape “wolf country”, Medicine of the Wolf tugs at the emotions while presenting the complexities and highly charged politics now surrounding an animal being pushed towards extinction.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Julia Huffman

Producer: Julia Huffman, Rudolf Buitendach

Writer: Julia Huffman, Fernanda Rosi

Cast: Jim Brandenburg, Julia Huffman, Saginaw Grant, Dr. John Vucetich, Teo Alfero, Brooks Fahy, Marc Bekoff, Dr. Jane Goodall, Paula Ficara, Dr. Maureen Hackett, Howard Goldman