MELTDOWN presents an extraordinary convergence of art & science, as we see two fascinating perspectives on the world’s most pressing issue of Climate Change. The film features acclaimed photographer Lynn Davis, who has earned global recognition with her spectacular collection of photos of icebergs off the coast of Greenland; and Tony Leiserowitz, the Director of Yale’s Climate Change Communication Project. MELTDOWN follows Lynn and Tony to the tiny, picturesque town of Illulisat, Greenland, which is “Ground Zero” for the climate crisis facing the world. There they discuss how beauty and tragedy share the stage, and each enlightens the other on ways to appreciate the wonders of the world while addressing the issues of how to help solve global crises.

It’s a small, intimate conversation set on a large canvas, showing how art and science can co-exist.


GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Fredric Golding
PRODUCER Fredric Golding, Producer Mike Tollin
CAST: Lynn Davis, Anthony Leiserowitz

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