Moon Students (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Lita is a Latinx immigrant living in a part of East Los Angeles where the expectations are low, people are stereotyped, and divisions run deep. After her boyfriend Antonio gets into an unseen altercation with their community college history professor, Mr. Ethan Cole, Antonio is suspended, leaving Lita confused over what truly happened. Cue Coronavirus. The campus is closed. Classes are held remotely. The world is turned upside-down. Friends become dangerously ill. Cole loses faith in himself. Antonio becomes self-destructive. The mystery of what happened between Cole and Antonio starts to haunt Lita, and she confronts him over his own misdeeds. The three then face each other one last time. When they do, they are changed forever as they discover what it means to voice their truths and become Moon Students.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

Director: Daniel Holland

Producer: Daniel Holland, Dallas Brennan

Writer: Daniel Holland

Cast: Sydney Carvill, Eddie Navarro, Nicholas Thurkettle, Nicholas Heard, B.A. Tobin, Rachanee Lamayno, Sharieff Walters, Cedrick Terrell, Nicholas Passell, Navah Raphael, Stanton Aiono, Bonnie Suarez