My Generation (2018)


AMy Generation” tells the inspiring story of the pop culture explosion in 1960s through the eyes of Britain’s greatest living movie actor. Michael Caine introduces the film in the buttoned up, monochrome heart of London at the start of the 1960s, in a world blighted by economic hardship with WW2 rationing having ended only six years earlier. In 1960s London a new generation has come of age. They’re energised, rebellious and hopeful. It’s these young men and women, particularly the working class, that were to have a huge impact on popular culture as barriers collapsed and the world headed into the most tumultuous decade of the century. The documentary transforms into glorious technicolour as the cultural revolution gathers momentum and we’re enveloped in the kinetic world of London in the mid-1960s, an era marked by the rise of Beatlemania, the first star photographers, film makers and advertisers, creative people who embrace the exploding world of mass media with astonishing results.


GENRE: Comedy

David Batty

PRODUCERS: Simon Fuller

Michael Caine

Dick Clement

Ian La Frenais

FodhlaCronin O’Reilly

WRITER: Dick Clement

Ian La Frenais

CAST: David Bailey

Michael Caine

Joan Collins

Roger Daltrey

Dudley Edwards

Marianne Faithfull

Barbara Hulanicki


Paul McCartney

Terry O’Neill

Davit Puttnam

Mary Quant

Mim Scala

Sandie Shaw

Penelope Tree


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