Necropath (2021)

Horror, Thriller

What happens to horror icons, movie monsters, the criminally insane during emergency evacuation pandemics? A new horror icon is born in NECROPATH!
Encompassing many elements relating to issues happening in today’s world, this grindhouse-style piece tells of a mysterious virus and pharmaceutical drug conspiracy.
In the midst of the chaos, a mentally deranged maniac seeks to feed his addiction to murder, despite the imminent demise of society as the world goes to hell around him.
The story leads to a family being destroyed leaving an abandoned little girl to save her baby sister.


GENRE: Horror, Thriller
DIRECTOR: Joshua Reale
PRODUCER Joshua Reale
CAST: Moe Isaac, Eric Mikuta, Noelle Noir, Shain Hence, Jeff Inman, Ally Pike, Michelle Cipriano, Brittany Nicole Allen, Ivorie Countryman, James Heath, Cassandra Hayes, Keilen Mosher, Rick Allen, Mariah Joyce, Julian smith, Vernon Reed, Nathan Longtin, Adam Smith, Melissa Hadley, Charles Switzer, Nathan Faudree, Brandy Nieves, Lillian Colvin, Natalie Colvin, Stephen Flynn, Chris Mcgraw, Crystal Boyett, Joshua Reale

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