Gravitas Sews Up Slamdance Furry Subculture Docu ‘Fursonas’



Exclusive: One of the least understood modern cultural oddities is the Furry Fandom subculture, like-minded people who enjoy dressing up like cartoon animals, usually with intricately designed, self-made costumes. Yes, it’s a real thing, but something that exists for most people mainly as the object of mockery. The documentary Fursonas, director Dominic Rodriguez’s deep dive into Furry culture, aims to go beyond that perception and shine a light on the contained and protective community. It has its world premiere today during Slamdance at the Treasure Mountain Inn, and along with the premiere, Gravitas Ventures has acquired worldwide rights with plans for on demand release this summer.

Featuring interviews with members of the community, the film sees Rodriguez start out full of rumors and misconceptions that are then shot down or hotly disputed by his subjects. Finding enthusiasts in unexpected places, the film infiltrates the fun and sometimes dark secrets of an escapist community. “I’m ecstatic to be working with Gravitas,” said Rodriguez about the acquisition. “The most important thing to me is that this film is able to get out there and be seen by anyone who’s interested. Now that dream is finally becoming a reality!”

“Gravitas is excited to work with this passionate filmmaking team on a truly unique documentary that skillfully treads the line between satirical jab and love-letter to the furries community,” said Gravitas’ Sr. Director of Acquisitions, Dan Fisher.

Fursonas was executive produced by Danny Yourd, Kathy Dziubek, Michael Killen, and Jim Kreitzburg, and produced by Livia Vaughn for Animal Media Group. The deal was negotiated by Dan Fisher and Michael Lange with Gravitas Ventures and by Danny Yourd on behalf of the filmmakers.