One Road to Quartzsite (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Exit to Quartzsite for cheap gas, there’s not a whole lot else. But every winter its population swells from 600 to over a million – as an unlikely cross section of snowbirds, crustpunks and libertarians make their annual pilgrimage to live in this “giant parking lot.” Some bought into the American Dream and lost everything; others dropped out long ago. Now they’re all neighbors on the same piece of dirt – all trying to live free and not die. An observational portrait of people trying to live outside of the constraints of American society, or to simply escape the winter.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Documentary

Director: Ryan Maxey

Producer: Ryan Maxey, Josh Polon, Kyle Marvin, Michael Covino, Emily Korteweg, Noah Lang, Scott Veltri

Writer: Ryan Maxey, Josh Polon, Sophie Hardeman

Cast: Care Bear, Jenny Faraschuk, Leaf Jensen, Mazin Murray, Myleigh Murray, Muskrat, Karon Nichols, Paul Range, Scrat, Teri, Hurbert Whittaker, Joanne Winer, Paul Winer