Our Bodies Our Doctors (2020)

Our Bodies Our Doctors (2020)

This powerful film shines a light on new, unexplored aspects of the timely issue of abortion rights in America. The film introduces the audience to a new generation of female doctors who are putting themselves in danger in order to offer women reproductive choice. In one enthralling scene, the filmmakers follow the doctors to a medical school, where they answer questions from students about the dangers of performing abortions in America. The filmmakers were able to capture the true vulnerability of these young medical students and the fear inherent in their choice of whether or not to perform abortions. The film also brings to light the new reality of non-religious hospitals combining with religious institutions, and the real consequences of those mergers. There have been many recent films about the changing access to abortions in the American South, but this film shows that the threat is real for all of America, no matter what the laws say.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jan Haaken

Producer: Jan Haaken, David Cress


Cast: Andrea Chiavarini, Judith Arcana, Willie Parker, Sarah Prager, Deb Oyer, Mark Nichols