Outpost (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

After a violent assault, Kate asks her best friend Nickie for help escaping an abusive ex. Nic’s brother, Earl, hires Kate as a fire lookout in northern Idaho. Kate feels the peaceful solitude will help. But the trauma and isolation have other plans. She meets Reggie, a moody widow, and Dan, an odd coworker. Kate’s brutal past plants seeds of paranoia. Her grip on reality slips. To Earl’s dismay, it also disrupts her ability to protect his tower and the town. Their partnership starts to crack. But Kate finds solace in a local hiker, Bertha. Their bond triggers a renewal in Kate, unlike anything she’s ever felt. Is it the change she always wanted, or something else…something darker?

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Joe Lo Truglio

Producer: Kara Baker, Joe Lo Truglio, Joe Mortimer, Josh Bezoni, Connor Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan

Writer: Joe Lo Truglio

Cast: Beth Dover, Ato Essandoh, Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Dallas Roberts, Ta’Rea Campbell, Tim Neff, D.R. Anderson