Parables of War


Dance, documentary, and drama.  All converge in “Parables of War” in a meditation exploring the timeless question: can civilization bind the wounds of war?  Using MacArthur “Genius” choreographer Liz Lerman’s, theatrical performance piece “Healing Wars” as a point of departure “Parables” witnesses the journey of three men who are, in one way or another, all casualties of war:  Bill Pullman, the actor; Keith Thompson, the dancer; and Josh Bleill, the former Marine.  Transcending performance, “Parables” explores the intricate nexus that exists between art and artist, between representation and personal narrative, and between historical truth and contemporary experience.  Ultimately, what is laid bare is the struggle of the wounded and their healers that expresses itself both in art as in life itself.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Nina Gilden Seavey
PRODUCERS: Barbara Porter

Nina Gilden Seavey

WRITERS: Nina Gilden Seavey

Liz Lerman, Bill Pullman, Joshua Bleill, Keith Thompson, Tamara Hurwitz Pullman, Marjani-Forte Saunders


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