Punching and Stealing (2020)


Inspired by actual corporate fraud. A vigilante film set in the streets off-the-strip of Las Vegas. Jaded computer dork, Sam Bransby, gets revenge against white-collar financial criminals that stole his dad’s pension, by joining an underground vigilante faction run by a hitman boss (Mel Rodriguez) called “Pension Recovery Force”, only to find out those he loves may be his real enemy. He has to decide between revenge or a relationship with his new fiance, Jen.

GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Ryan Churchill

Danny Parker Lopes

PRODUCERS: Ryan Churchill

Danny Parker

Tim Lucke
Andy Bates

CAST: Mel Rodriguez

Ryan Churchill

Jenny Vilim

Janina Gavankar

Joelle Carter

Maurice Compte

Kim Estes

Linc Hand

Kurt Ela

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