Real Fake (2017)

Real Fake (2017)

A documentary about one of history’s most notorious art forgers. Was Elmyr de Hory a master criminal or brilliant artist? He is alleged to have painted thousands of fakes—which were not copies but original creations in the style of Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani and others, many of which may still hang unidentified in major museums and private collections around the world. These works, now potentially worth billions of dollars, continue to roil the art market. Elmyr eluded Interpol, Scotland Yard and other authorities, living out his final years as a celebrity in Ibiza, Spain. Joined by a team of art experts, veteran filmmaker Jeff Oppenheim re-opens the criminal case against Elmyr in this investigative caper. He travels the globe, shedding new light on the art, life and crimes of this infamous artist. What emerges from the journey is a philosophical questioning of the nature of artistry itself and the relationship between beauty, authenticity and value.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jeff Oppenheim

Producer: Jeff Oppenheim, Pun Bandhu, Marc Falato


Cast: Elmyr de Hory, Jeff Oppenheim