Red Wing (2013)


In a small Texas town in present day, an abandoned orphan boy, Francis, is trying to find a place to call home. Francis is taken in by a young couple, Maddie and Carl (Breann Johnson and Luke Perry), and their mother (Frances Fisher). Maddie is fond of their new charge, but Carl is suspicious. Fueled by his scheming mistress (Joelle Carter), Carl begins to question his wife’s relationship with the boy who is rapidly becoming a man. As accusations escalate, Francis leaves in hopes of saving Maddie’s name. Finding work at a ranch, Francis is welcomed in by the owner, Jim (Bill Paxton), as well as his daughter, who begins to have feelings for him. But as Francis grows into being a man, he knows that there is still a matter of honor he needs to settle back with his foster family.

GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Will Wallace
PRODUCERS: Will Wallace

Patricia L. Carpenter

Terrence Malick

Edward R. Pressman

Mark Rickard

WRITER: Kathleen Orillion
CAST: Glen Powell

Breann Johnston

Bill Paxton

Luke Perry

Frances Fisher

Joelle Carter



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