Regionrat (2019)

Regionrat (2019)

After six months in Seattle, where Ray (Connor Williams) tried to make a fresh start, he finds he’s got no friends, no money, and his divorced parents – living on opposite ends of the country – are offering no help. With nowhere else to go, Ray heads back to his old stomping grounds, to a place nicknamed ‘the region. ’ Once there, he settles back in with former friends and their less than motivated lifestyle, skipping class and smoking weed. Ray meets Erin (Natassia Halabi), a party gal herself, and he gets hooked, even though she sort-of has a boyfriend with a really bad attitude. This is only the start of a series of problems that will test Ray’s will to change, or lack thereof, because when life knocks you down, you roll one up. Based on the novel by Richard Laskowski.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Javier Reyna

Producer: Javier Reyna, Johnny Murillo, Carlos M. Jimenez


Cast: Connor Williams, Natassia Halabi, Nova Gaver, Samantha Hodges, Shon D’Mario Evans, Jeff Harlow, Stephen McAlpin, Rishi Das, Harry Holmes, John Hayden