Remember Yesterday (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Jenny Hill-Devlin, the former “IT” girl with the local theatre community has just separated from her drunk and cheating husband. As she day dreams of a life that she gave, a life on the stage, she hears of her former beau, critically acclaimed film director, John Raymond, is returning home, bringing his latest project home. With those old feelings rising, Jenny wonders if she can still do it. She joins a local theatre production and as her confidence builds, love reemerges with John. Being so close, can Jenny rebuild those dreams? Will she take those second chances…Or will she accept and settle.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: JR Rodriguez

Producer: Jonathan Landau, JR Rodriguez, Marty Landau, Ryan Ridley

Writer: JR Rodriguez

Cast: Jana Allen, Adrian Monte, Jerry Winsett, Fracaswell Hyman, Jenique Bennett, Ron Fallica, Marley Aliah, Rick Forrester, Jakob Gruntfest, Jessi Hoadley