Santaman (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Fed up with the growing number of “Naughty-Listers”, Santa becomes a superhero dubbed Santaman. Donning a new red suit and a buffet of gadgets that rivals “Batman”, Santa sets out to turn those bad apples into do-gooders. His mission proves to be much harder than anticipated after discovering an evil plot to end Christmas all together. With the help of two children who stowed away on his sleigh, Santa and his new friends must find a way to stop the ultimate “Naughty-Lister” before Christmas disappears forever.

Genre: Adventure, Family

Director: Bret Stern

Producer: Bret Stern, Jacob Cooney, Barbara Stern

Writer: Bret Stern

Cast: John Viener, DC Douglas, Beau Marie, Steve Siddell, Georgia Wright, Bob Juergens, Antonio Antonelli