Saving Atlantis (2019)

Saving Atlantis (2019)

Saving Atlantis is a feature documentary directed by Justin Smith and David Baker, produced by Oregon State University. It focuses on the dramatic loss of coral reef ecosystems around the world, the impact of that decline on the human communities that depend on them and those who are fighting to uncover the causes and find solutions before it’s too late. The film follows several story threads, including: scientists looking to unlock the microbial secrets to coral survival; a mysterious coral reef in Colombia that has withstood years of human pressures but now faces its greatest threat; and a group of young aboriginal students in Australia working to restore the ancient connections of their people to a marine habitat. The film braids these stories with the science behind corals, speaking with the top researchers who study these animals and taking global journey that celebrates the majesty and mystery of coral habitats.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Justin Smith, David Baker

Producer: Justin Smith, David Baker


Cast: Peter Coyote