SHE (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Along a stretch of Arizona highway, a young woman is thrown from a speeding car. She dies alone in a hospital two days later, her identity unknown, and becomes one of the thousands of unidentified women in the United States. Nine years later, upon hearing the young woman’s story, poet Aimée Baker begins a journey of remembrance for missing women, which will become her award-winning book Doe (the University of Akron Press). With narration by Emmy-nominated Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager; Orange is the New Black) and featuring Raven Goodwin (Single Black Female) and Coco Jones (Bel-Air), SHE tells the story of one writer’s quest to honor missing and unidentified women and the struggles she faces to do so. Every year, 300,000 women go missing in the United States. How do we remember their names and stories?

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Crime, Mystery

Director: Vanessa Cicarelli, Jason Greer

Producer: Vanessa Cicarelli, Jason Greer, Sue Vicory

Writer: Aimee Baker, Jaramy Conners

Cast: Aimee Baker, Kate Mulgrew, Raven Goodwin, Coco Jones