She Is… (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

This hybrid documentary follows Isabella Grosso, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In her quest to heal, Isabella discovered a sense of empowerment through dance and founded She-Is, a nonprofit combining the art of dance with therapy. As she embraces the experience of self-love through movement, we follow Isabella on an international journey to help other survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking find healing.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Zuzana Lova

Producer: Zuzana Lova, Isabella Grosso, Ron Umphenour, Ann Umphenour, Erin Melendez, Erica Taylor, Jason Taylor, M.L. Bordner, Nathan Kim

Writer: M.L. Bordner

Cast: Isabella Grosso, Shawna Whitlock, Erin Melendez, Jordan Funkey, Todd Morrison, Josh Hulkkonen, Richard Bentley, Maggie Bryant