Shoot to Mary (2020)

Shoot to Mary (2020)

Heartbroken filmmaker Steve Markle heads to L.A. to shoot a doc about Kate, a gifted artist and crush from his past. Suddenly Steve realizes he’s found the perfect way to meet women: ask them to be in his documentary! Hopping from city to city, Steve stumbles through interviews with dozens of intriguing women. What unfolds is a hilarious real-life romantic comedy about a filmmaker intent on finding love.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Documentary

Director: Steve Markle



Cast: Steve Markle, Kate Kelton, Heidi Lee, Erin Wotherspoon, Jade Lane, Lisa Messinger, Danielle Bar, Jaime Saibil, Sofi Papamarko, Colleen Osborn, Jana Matthews, Ally Walsh, Goddess, Hanifa Sekandi, Siobhan McPherson, Lauren Mahoney, Emilie Gagnon, Miriam Abrahams, Carlie Ritch, Kia Park, January Teichert