Sins of the Father (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Sarah and her son Aden return to their once family farm house after the death of Aden’s father. Upon returning to the house, odd gifts and other items are left by unseen individuals. Joined by multiple friends to clean out the house to prepare it for sale, Aden and Sarah are forced to come to terms with what happened in their past, but with the pressure their friends and extended family are putting on them make them question if they are making the right choices. Growing resentment in the group of friends on why they are there and the tension between Aden and Sarah’s potential new boyfriend cause infighting and mistrust. When Sarah’s sister goes missing, the group starts to assume the worst and that the past that Sarah tried to escape with her son is now back.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Director: Vanessa M. H. Powers

Producer: Tristan Corrigan, Abigail Blue

Writer: Tristan Corrigan, Vanessa M. H. Powers, Anthony Tallarico, Laura LaBree, Abigail Blue

Cast: David Michaeli, Nora Targonski-O’Brien, Anissa Eisenberg, Anthony Tallarico, LaTrell Brennan, Kissi Frost, Jiselle McCollam, James Wilsford, Justen Jones