Sons of Ben (2016)


After many rumors of an MLS team arriving in Philadelphia never materializing, a small group of soccer fans took matters into their own hands and started a supporters group called the Sons of Ben to help bring a team to their hometown. They were a group without a team to root for and had a modest goal of reaching 100 members by the end of the year. Little did they know they would reach over 1,500 members in less time than that and start a movement that would not only change the soccer landscape in Philadelphia forever, but also help revive a community that had been struggling for decades.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Jeffrey C. Bell
PRODUCERS: Jeffrey C. Bell

Debbie Axel

Mike Dieffenbach

WRITERS: Jeffrey C. Bell
CAST: Wendell N. Butler

Corey Furlan

Don Garber

Bryan James

Dominic Pileggi

Edward Rendell

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