Spare Room (2019)

Spare Room (2019)

David has spent the last year drowning in flashbacks and guilt after a tour in Afghanistan. When his parents push him out of the house after futile attempts to help, he travels cross country. Lil is a young widow who has recently lost her mother and cares for her 15 year old brother with Down Syndrome. Her husband’s posthumous discharge was labeled less than honorable, leaving her without benefits and forced to juggle insurmountable debt. She works at a run-down diner and decides to rent what used to be her mother’s room to help make ends meet. David arrives in town and takes a job bartending for Nat, a jaded retired Vet who sees some familiar ghosts in David’s eyes.  Needing a place to stay, David rents Lil’s spare room, and their attraction sparks unforeseen consequence.

Genre: Drama

Director: Jenica Bergere

Producer: Jenica Bergere, James Portolese, Laura Greenman Heine, Mary Vernieu


Cast: Skyler Samuels, Martin Sensmeier, Thomas Cocquerel, Stefanie Scott, Genevieve Angelson