Stacked (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Twenty-three years after a fly ball determined the outcome of one of the greatest high school baseball games ever played, for the first time ever players from both teams sit down to recant that game, that play, and the effect it’s made on their lives. Revisit two baseball teams in small-town Michigan that made history in 1999, and re-live their finest hours (for some). See how the 1999 Michigan High School State Championship baseball game unfolded in fascinating, glorious, and highly dramatic detail. You’ll be hooked from the first pitch to the final play.

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Sports

Director: Brett Scheske

Producer: Sam Adams, Brett Scheske

Writer: Brett Scheske

Cast: Andrew Scheske, Cora Phillips, Simon Phillips, Carter Oswald, Tucker Gorske, Ricky Hart, Matt Scheske