Strong Enough (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

A well-crafted, lean, and contained sports-drama. Athlete and actor Ashley Jerue plays Sam, an amateur cross trainer with an aim to turn pro, who is about to begin a mock competition to set world records. Despite a tough year with the loss of her father and a crumbling marriage, she has become the strongest she’s ever been, and she is out to prove herself. But just before she begins, conflict with her husband erupts, threatening to derail her. The event becomes much more than record-setting, but a desperate struggle to hold everything together by winning it all.

Genre: Drama, Sports

Director: John Foss

Producer: John Foss, Russ Kendall, Brooke Ence, Micah Merrill, Adam Anderegg, Tess Kelly, Katie Geilman, Robert Machoian

Writer: John Foss

Cast: Ashley Jerue, Demetrius Grosse, Noah Kershisnik, Kim Rhodes, Jake Stormoen, Cameron Sawyer, Lauren Fardos, Summer Farnsworth, Julie Slack