Stuff (2017)

Lesbian Drama

‘A lesbian couple seem to be going through the motions of a life together. Sure they are supporting a mother who is grieving the loss of a spouse and getting their children to school on time….but excitement comes to town in the guise of a single tattooed mother who proves to perhaps be more temptation then the couple’s marriage can handle. Will she split them apart or drive them back to each  other? The invigorating tale takes many directions as that’s the “stuff” life is made of.

GENRE: Lesbian Drama


Suzanne Guacci




Theresa Aquilina

Suzanne Guacci

Debra Markowitz

Kevin Hanlon

Sherry Mandery


Yvonne Jung

Karen Sillas

Traci Dinwiddie

Phyllis Somerville

Kevin Brown

Maya Guacci



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