Support Group Olympus (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

A few of the former Greek gods live among us today in modern society. They are broke, hateful to people and suffer from different addictions. When Ares, the former god of war ends up in jail, the gods are forced to go to therapy sessions in order to continue receiving the welfare money on which they depend. Kara, a therapist in search for work, is given the task to help the former gods get out of their destructive lifestyles. The thought of having simple people helping those that were once divine is an insult to Ares, whom is unwilling to see this as his fate and will not accept it without a fight.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent

Director: Jimmy Francis

Producer: Jimmy Francis, Carl Kristoffersson

Writer: Jimmy Francis

Cast: Georgandreas Kalaritis as Ares, Lina Sundén, Sandro Khafor as Hermes, Maria Karpathakis as Aphrodite, Natalie Katsarou as Athena, Kostis Rampavilas as Dionysus, Jean-Claude Boeke, Malin Vargö, John La Briola as Atlas, Stéphane Bertola as Poseidon, Hans Sandqvist