Take Me to Tarzana (2021)

Take Me to Tarzana (2021)

Take Me to Tarzana is a comedy that follows Miles and Jane as they struggle to survive in the corporate jungle at Teleplex, a top data-mining company. After learning their lecherous boss has been secretly recording the women in the office, they hatch a plan to take him down, enlisting the help of Jameson, a trust fund party-boy and occasional friend of Miles. Their mundane 9-to-5 becomes much more than an HR headache as they come into possession of Teleplex’s true nefarious business model and are forced into a climactic showdown with its maniacal, Tarzan-obsessed CEO.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Maceo Greenberg



Cast: Andrew Creer, Samantha Robinson, Jonathan Bennett, Maria Conchita Alonso, Oliver Cooper, Kahyun Kim, Christopher Coppola, Owen Harn, Bob Wiltfong, Desiree Staples, Kent Shocknek, Betsy Hume, Emanuel Hernandez, Cathy Le, Airial Le, Denny Nolan, Ricky Faust, Elle Vernee