Tampa Beer: Crafting the Bay (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Brewing a great-tasting beer requires more than hops and barley. It takes innovation and an artist’s vision to create a brew that stands out from the rest. That’s why the art of beer making has played an integral part in establishing Tampa Bay as one of the top craft beer scenes in the country. ‘Tampa Beer: Crafting The Bay’ tells the story of a destination that loves beer and the personalities who dedicate their lives brewing it. From hipster havens to historic districts, meet the people and places who make Tampa Bay the heart of Florida’s craft beer scene.

Genre: Documentary, Independent

Director: James Blankenfeld

Producer: James Blankenfeld, Katie Blankenfeld, Mark DeNote

Writer: James Blankenfeld

Cast: Kristopher Johnson, Joey Redner, Doug Clark, Kent Bailey, Joe Scheibelhut, Devon Kreps, Taylor Corona, Joe Simmons, Mike Harting, Wayne Wambles, Jennifer Yuengling, Mark DeNote, Neil Callaghan, Rodney Kite-Powell, Dale Swope