Ten-Cent Daisy (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Three sisters from a fishing village in the West Indies take refuge in Berkeley, California, following a traumatic event that threatened to reveal a centuries-old family secret, dating back to the Middle Passage. A decade later, marooned in a foreign land the bond between the sisters has splintered, leaving the youngest sister, Daisy — the embodiment of the secret, vulnerable. Each sister is struggling to stay afloat when news from home forces them to reconnect and face the demons that drove them far from home.

Genre: Drama, Family, Mystery

Director: Lisbon Okafor

Producer: Dominique Dawson, Cheryl LaTouche, Lisbon Okafor

Writer: Cheryl LaTouche, Lisbon Okafor

Cast: Lauren Michelle, Dionne Audain, Ameenah Kaplan, Margaret Laurena Kemp, Obinna Okafor, Jon Lindstrom, Jamal Ademola, Gordon Greene, Zack Gold, Larvell Hood