The 25,000 Mile Love Story (2013)

The 25,000 Mile Love Story (2013)

THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY chronicles the amazing 5 year journey of Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli as he endeavored to run a distance equal to the earth’s circumference to raise money and awareness for the world’s impoverished children. Accompanied by his equally adventurous wife Nicole, who rode a motorcycle alongside Serge with their supplies and pup tent in tow, the Roethelis were confronted with challenges that threatened to push them beyond their physical and emotional limits as they crossed 6 continents and 35 countries while battling against unforgiving landscapes, extreme weather, horrific poverty, civil unrest, and near-death illnesses.  Remarkably, they survived it all.  The heart of this tale is an inspirational love story – a relationship of two people who were willing pay the price to achieve their almost impossible dream. Serge and Nicole Roetheli journeyed in search of love, life, nature and adventure – and while finding all of those things, found themselves too.

Genre: Documentary

Director: John Davies

Producer: Joseph Roetheli, Judy Roetheli, Agnes Roetheli Gaertner, Melissa Place, John Davies, Brian Kallies, Priscilla Pesci, Robert N. Pafundi, Christy Dreiling


Cast: Serge Roetheli as Himself, Nicole Roetheli as Herself